6 posh smartphones in shades of purple

Powerful smartphones painted in a powerful color



Purple smartphones aren’t entirely new, but they’ve certainly stood out from 2021 until the present. What used to be the color of the rich, the powerful, and the high status is now dressed in smartphones to depict an air of elegance, mystique, and a little bit of fun.

Instead of using the bold, vibrant shade of purple, smartphone makers painted their products with a lighthearted and warm color — mostly in shades of lavender.

While these smartphones are looking hot and blazingly attracting so much attention across the Internet and the market, there are plenty of reasons to still wear them even if you hate being part of the trend.

Pay attention to the Purple-colored smartphones

Recently, the Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week listed Green and Purple as the perfect colors to wear for the season. These colors are easy on the eyes, especially the lighter and muted tones. They will surely match any outfit, particularly if you’re donning pastel dresses and accessories.

Furthermore, most smartphones coated in unique shades of purple are powerful. Like, literally. These devices are considered flagships in different categories. Even if their successors arrive, it’s a guarantee that you can trust these devices will last with you for over two years and beyond.

Lo and behold! It’s time to pick your poison, err, I mean, Purple.

Samsung Galaxy S21

2021’s earliest flagship came in a stunning Phantom Violet. Lush, playful, yet elegant. The Galaxy S21 might be a year old already, but it’s still one of the best flagship smartphones that you can buy today. In fact, it was the first smartphone we gave a GadgetMatch Seal of Approval — which means you can trust that this smartphone will be with you as long as it can.

iPhone 12

We were surprised when Apple brought out the Purple iPhone 12. Fans are hinting at a new iPhone yet Apple unleashed a new colorway instead. Nevertheless, we revel in how the Purple iPhone added delight during Spring, blooming together with nature, seemingly giving us hope despite the uncertain future.

Moreover, iPhones are guaranteed continuous software updates so you can rest easy knowing that your smartphone won’t give up on you five years later.

Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung’s headliner for the midrange A-series might be the Galaxy A52, but most people are sleeping on the Galaxy A72, especially in its Awesome Violet colorway.

It continues the solid promise of its predecessor, packing flagship features and essentials at an affordable package that everyday consumers surely enjoy.


The OPPO Find N captured our eyes and hearts with its playful colorway and unique foldable experience. It’s compact, durable, tough, and performs well like any other flagship smartphone.

There’s nothing quite like it for now, and it’s definitely a phone you should consider if you’re hopping on the foldable trend. If you can get your hands on it, that is.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Though our eyes are fixated on the Cream Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, it’s irresistible to look at if it’s coated in Lavender. The color is bold, vibrant, and eye-catching. The pièce de résistance for anyone who wants to capture attention. A fine accessory for a personality meant to stand out.

And more importantly, it’s just as good as any flagship smartphone out there. It still has the same flagship Samsung experience you’d normally expect, and it certainly delivers — with continuous updates for the next three years or so.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Oops, Samsung did it again. The successor to its Fan Edition phones recently made its advent, and we found ourselves falling in love with the experience of using the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G. It’s great all around, and we’re comfortable calling it one of the best smartphones for most users for now.

It’s an absolute joy to use, and a worthy buy even with new, more advanced phones on the horizon. And more importantly, it’s a sight to behold. That Lavender surely knows how to work its way around different outfits and colors. You won’t regret parading this color.


How to watch the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023

PPVs, apps to download, more



File Photo: Watching FIBA basketball


The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 tips off on August 25. It offers hoops fans the ultimate experience to see the sport’s best global stars.

No less than Gilas Pilipinas will do its best to represent the Philippines proudly at home. Hundreds of thousands are expected to watch the prestigious event in-person from August 25 to September 10.

For those who do not have the luxury of attending live, there are still various ways to watch the World Cup. You can use whatever device from wherever location you’re from.

Here’s a quick rundown:


For Cignal TV prepaid and postpaid subscribers, a one-time Pay-Per-View fee of PhP 650 entitles viewers to all 92 games of the FIBA World Cup in both SD (Ch. 198 and 199) and HD (Ch. 298 and 299).

They will come commercial-free and with access to exclusive FIBA content such as documentaries and highlights of previous tournaments.

For people mainly interested in Gilas Pilipinas games, TV5 is the surefire way to catch the action. The channel is accessible for free via CignalPlay and via any way you access free TV, like digiboxes.

Smartphones, tablets

For smartphone and tablet users, there are a handful of streaming apps that will show the World Cup games live and on demand.

Cignal’s novel streaming platform, Pilipinas Live will show all 92 games for a PhP 99 a month subscription.

Unlike cable subscriptions, this rate does not have a lock-in period. A month would be enough since the World Cup runs from August 25 to September 10. You can cancel afterwards.

Games will also be shown on the Smart Livestream app for FREE. To watch all 92 games, Smart subscribers simply have to connect to a Smart mobile data, TNT or PLDT WiFi while using the Smart LiveStream App. The app is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Speaking of Gilas, Smart has a prepaid Gilas Power subscription promo which is inclusive of 78GB of total data, including a fixed allocation for the Livestream app and open access data good for a month.

More details here.

PC and laptops

For PC and laptop users, the best workaround is availing of CignalPlay Premium, which starts at just PhP 75 monthly, inclusive of most channels you’re used to seeing on cable TV from movies to sports to news channels and more.


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Inside Manila’s walled city

Through the lens of the HONOR 90 5G



HONOR 90 Intramuros

There’s something inexplicable when you set foot inside Intramuros, also known as Manila’s walled city.

Historical buildings and landmarks continue to stand the test of time, becoming a home to cultural pursuits and a display of Manila’s rich history.

Every nook and cranny picture a story that only shows when you take the moment to walk through its cobblestone alleys.

That je ne sais quoi of the walled city is indescribable with mere words.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

Yet, here are some attempts to capture its grandeur using the HONOR 90 5G, one afternoon stroll inside Intramuros.

Heritage bar

HONOR 90 Intramuros

First stop: Batala Bar! This heritage bar located in Plaza San Luis has always been a staple to our Intramuros strolls. Situated in front of San Agustin Church, the bar can be easily seen while traversing the cobblestones of General Luna Street.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

It’s a two-story bar serving craft beer, craft coffee, specialty ice cream, and delightful meals worth taking any time of the day.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

It also shares a space with the Philippine Artisan Trade Gallery on the second level, housing unique handmade products exclusive to the Philippines.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

There’s a balcony where you can enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun while admiring the quietness of the city.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

On the other side, there’s an overlooking view of the fountain in Plaza San Luis. You can also get a glimpse of Casa Manila, a living museum of what life as an affluent Illustrado looked like in the past.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

It’s a glance at an opulent life from centuries ago. The architecture and intricate details served as a photo opportunity for the ‘gram.

Good food, good company

HONOR 90 Intramuros

What’s good food without company? GadgetMatch’s Philippine team was out for a late lunch with our jet-setter and freelance journalist friend, Ayano Tominaga.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

While waiting for our meals, we ordered a seasonal fruit shake. Batala bar served us a dragon fruit shake — which was currently in season — blended with banana and milk. It’s best to cool down from the scorchingly hot weather with a tasty, ice-cold blended beverage!

I ordered a Tinapa Puttanesca. It’s a linguine pasta savored in homemade red sauce, capers, olives, and of course, Tinapa. ICYDK, Tinapa is a smoked fish usually made from blackfin scad or milkfish.

On the other hand, Martynne ordered a Shiitake Aglio Olio. It’s an oil-based pasta cooked with tomato, paprika, and chili flakes, and topped with vegan parmesan, basil, and lemon.

Meanwhile, Vincenz ordered a Pollo Quesadilla. It’s basically chopped chicken adobo stuffed with mozzarella cheese, red onion, pickled chili, and tomato salsa.

Rodneil and Ayano ordered Bomba Longga Silog, which is loosely translated as a bomb Spanish sausage with fried rice and egg. It really is a bomb, though!

The homemade skinless Spanish sausage tasted delicious, served alongside a sunny-side-up egg, pickled vegetables, and garlic rice. It simply is a good pick-me-up order, any time of the day.

Ice cream, anyone?

Given that the Philippines is basically a tropical country that has summer weather all year round, Batala Bar is a good spot to cool down after a long walk inside Intramuros.

HONOR 90 Intramuros

They serve homemade ice cream that even I, a lactose-intolerant kiddo, can’t resist.

Rodneil and Ayano shared one serving of Banana Split Sundae, which melted in just a few minutes. That’s how hot that day was.

Making my way downtown

After our merienda, we walked alongside General Luna Street to head over to Fort Santiago, a citadel where the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, was imprisoned before.

Of course, it’s not a quick walk across a few blocks. Martynne took the chance to have her photos taken by yours truly.

We also stopped by the Manila Cathedral and got some bottled water in the shade of trees situated in Plaza Roma, a public square in Intramuros.

While everyone was hydrating, Martynne posed in front of the cathedral. I played around with the wide-angle lens to make the shot somewhat touristy. Let’s pretend we’re not always in Manila.

Hidden cafe!

After queueing to get to Fort Santiago, we made our way to the hidden cafe tucked in the corners of the defense fortress. Papakape, which had its first branch as a glass house cafe in Makati, opened its doors inside Fort Santiago.

It’s situated inside a 400-year-old water cistern, extended with an al fresco garden seating.

The interiors, albeit quite small, are as cozy as any home.

Bayongs, traditional handwoven bags made of dried leaves, are displayed in the corner along with a wooden guitar.

Another corner seemed pretty for a spot to read and write, what with the cozy lamp and table facing a brick wall.

Papakape offers a few, good coffee that we thoroughly enjoyed. We tried the Black Gulaman Americano, an espresso-based drink with pandan syrup, grass jelly, and basil seeds.

The same drink that Canadian Singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen drank when she visited Papakape early this year.

Another signature drink is called Tahoat, a combination of Taho (Silken Tofu mixed with Brown Sugar Syrup and Sago Pearls) and Oatmilk.

Of course, it’s also espresso-based and instead of purely silken tofu, it used soy curds and tapioca pearls.

Capping it off

Intramuros puts on a different face when the sun sets and the night fills the street. We decided to call it a day and part ways after having good laughs and conversations inside the walled city.

But before that, we took one last glance at the outdoor seating in Papakape. It hits differently when you enjoy the drink in total silence, completely disconnected from the hustle-bustle of Manila and the hubbub of the tourists flocking the defense fortress.

We also didn’t pass up an opportunity to do a photo-op inside the ruins. For the ‘gram, remember?

And what’s a day without a sunset photo? Overlooking the Pasig River and Manuel A. Roxas Memorial Bridge, the sunset allowed us a moment to recollect our thoughts and memories.

It was a good day filled with good food, conversations, sight, story, and company.

Before we get off Fort Santiago, here’s a night shot of a tree adorned with pretty lamps at night. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll take you on another tour. Perhaps, Intramuros After Dark?

An exquisite camera

The HONOR 90 5G is an excellent midrange smartphone equipped with a superb camera system that will let any user capture sights and stories. It’s certainly a device worth using, not just for the ‘gram, but for capturing your daily life.

Pre-order HONOR 90 5G from August 16-25, 2023 for only Php 24,990 and Get a FREE JBL Flip 6 worth Php 7,499 until supplies last! Get it via Shopee, Lazada, or TikTok Shop.

This feature article is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and HONOR Philippines.

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Disconnecting in Taiwan with the Canon EOS R8

Much needed time away from home



Taiwan Canon EOS R8

Nowadays, my stress comes from the fact that living in the Philippines can be overwhelming. Honestly, so much of my energy in the day goes to the hybrid work setup plus attending to responsibilities within the household. Not to mention, there’s not much that the metro could offer as a respite for the working professional. You’d think that short breaks will be of use when every day is just a greater grind than the day before.

So, along with the group of people I consider as my family outside home, I decided to give myself that long-needed trip overseas. Obviously, we booked the tickets way before and I needed to make sure that I would use this time to be away from home for a while; to disconnect, if you will. Of course, just to make sure I keep the memories safe, I’m bringing the Canon EOS R8 with me.

We departed from Manila, and was finally en route to a small, bustling island known simply as Taiwan.

The sights within the streets

Taiwan Canon EOS R8

My significant other and I had a game plan on how to completely maximize one week in Taiwan. This while also considering I still had work to do.

Part of the itinerary was to explore as much of the Taipei area. This includes every nook and cranny that presented itself. With the Canon EOS R8, this was pretty easy.



Needless to say, I looked like I was gathering memories of the simple streets that the country had to offer. 

The food we got to eat

Part of any person’s journey to another country is trying out all the food that’s out for the tasting. Fortunately in Taiwan, there was an abundance of establishments and food spots that you simply cannot miss.

Of course, as working professionals, you can’t help but try your luck at some cafes in the area, and there were a lot of them.

The EOS R8 enabled me to capture some of the food I got to try with near-perfect detail. Even the most minute detail on specialized caffeinated drinks became the highlight of the photos I took. Although, it wouldn’t be as quick and easy to get the perfect shot compared to using a powerful smartphone. 

The attractions we got to experience

Taiwan Canon EOS R8

It wouldn’t be a trip to another country without going everywhere and anywhere that stands out to us. In my case, apart from the streets, it’s the grand attractions that even the most typical of tourists visit. Considering that most of these are attractions even during night time, this would be the perfect opportunity to see if the EOS R8 stacks up.





During the entire time I was in Taiwan, most of the mornings were pretty cloudy so daytime shots had a dimness to them.

Taiwan Canon EOS R8

At some point in the day, it rained and you can imagine how difficult it is to bring a camera with a long camera lens to boot.

Still, the shots I took looked pretty decent and no details were sacrificed.

Night time shots and even photos in less than favorable lighting conditions were good enough.

Shifting to Manual Focus gave me the opportunity to create the near-perfect conditions to take quality night shots within Taiwan’s well-known night markets.

Also, since the Museum of Contemporary Art had an exhibition under rather low-light conditions, I also gave it a shot.

The company you’re with

Taiwan Canon EOS R8

One great thing I appreciated about this trip was the fact that I was with great company all throughout.

Sure, there was only like one full day wherein we all had one place in mind, but it was worth it!

Taiwan Canon EOS R8

Because I had the EOS R8 for the trip, I became the group’s photographer whenever possible.

Taiwan Canon EOS R8

In a way, we all needed the disconnect from going through our usual routines back in Manila. Even though most of us still had work to do during the last few days before heading home, it felt refreshing. Plus, I think it allowed us to get work done faster to enjoy the trip as much as we can!

Heading home

Taiwan Canon EOS R8

After one whole week of walking around, taking beautiful pictures and having delicious meals, it was time. An early morning flight back to Manila was waiting for us at the airport, which was honestly just a handful of train stops away from the main Taipei area. Unfortunately, the Canon EOS R8 was already tucked inside my luggage and I didn’t have enough time to pull it out once we got to the airport.

Canon EOS R8

Although, what I do appreciate about it is how compact it can be when storing it inside. Despite having a rather wide body and with a long camera lens, it doesn’t take up too much space. In my case, it was better to tuck it inside a carry-on with bubble wrap and reinforced with soft clothing. After a few hours and a delay in our flight time, we arrived in Manila and returned to the heat of the world.

For trips like these, having both the Canon EOS R8 and a smartphone of choice allowed me to capture beautiful yet short-lived moments in time. Whether we were inside closed spaces or exploring the natural attractions, it grabs everything in full detail with the proper adjustments. I would consider this as a must-have for anybody looking to travel anywhere they want; just make sure you make space and take care of it while you’re out.

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