Kovol 4-port Kovol 4-port


Kovol 65W 4-port charging station Hands-On

Small in size, big on power



Nearly everyone I know carries around two to three devices. It’s some combination of a laptop, smartphone/s, and tablet/s. Imagine having to lug around these devices along with their power bricks. That’s a significant weight added to your bag. Enter the Kovol 65W 4-port charging station. This thing, as the company says, is small in size but big on power. 

Personally, I’m a member of this multi-device tribe. I almost always carry with me a laptop and two smartphones. That’s excluding any other smartphones or laptops I may be reviewing at the time. 

This is part of the reason why I’m in the ‘USB-C Everything’ camp. It would make our lives as tech reviewers just that much better. But since that reality may not be happening anytime soon, multiport GaN chargers like this are the next best thing. 

Regulated power 

Just because it has 65W written on it, doesn’t mean that it’s the only power output available. It can smartly allocate power to each device based on its needs. The 65W ranges from 65W, 45W, 30W, 25W, 20W, and 18W. So, whichever fast charging output your device supports, that’s what it’s getting. 

There’s also a 120W version of the charger and it can output at 87W aside from others that have already been mentioned. 

Kovol also claims it has low-heat and safe-charging. This means there will be no risk of overheating and overcharging your device. During my time using the charger, I can say I never felt any sort of unusual heating from it. 

How fast is it, really? 

But of course, the real question is how fast it actually is in real world use. Fret not, I have you covered. I’ll list the charging times of the three devices I primarily use. 

Before we start though, I would like to describe my normal usage. I’m totally not the type who lets the devices reach red levels of the battery indicator. Small beads of sweat immediately form around my head as soon as my devices’ battery indicator shows anywhere between 40% to 50%. 

Go ahead. Laugh all you want. But I’ve been in waaaay too many situations when I forgot to juice up only to need to charge but without any power outlet nearby. It’s a sticky situation I would like to avoid as much as I can. 

With that said, here are the charging numbers I recorded. Duration in minutes (mins) is how long it took to reach 100%.  

iPhone 11 Pro 

  • At 30% – 40 mins 
  • At 40% – 32 mins 
  • At 50% – 23 mins 
  • At 65% – 16 mins 

OPPO Find X3 Pro

  • At 10% – 59 mins
  • At 30% – 46 mins 
  • At 40% – 37 mins 
  • At 50% – 25 mins 
  • At 65% – 18 mins 

13” M1 MacBook Pro 

  • At 35% – 1 hour, 41 mins
  • At 40% – 1 hour, 26 mins
  • At 50% – 1 hour, 10 mins
  • At 65% – 40 mins

Naturally, these numbers will vary depending on your devices and the kind of wired fast charging they support. But what’s evident is that these are more than decent charging speeds. These are especially useful if you only have a limited time access to a power outlet when you’re out and about. 

Small for its power


The charging speeds are impressive but what really takes the cake is how small the Kovol 65W 4-port charging station is. It’s a little chunky, but it’s short enough that it’ll easily slide into your bag without taking up much space. 

Personally, I carried it in this tiny-gadgets-and-cables pouch I normally bring around whenever I step out. 

Its small size is also helpful when you have limited table space. It can sit just right next to your devices without taking away any wiggle room you might need. 

Price and availability

Some manufacturers are following Apple’s lead in taking away the power bricks from brand new devices. It’s a good reason to invest in a multiport GaN charger other than the ones already mentioned. 

The Kovol 4-port charging station comes in two variants. Pricing are as follows: 


Samsung Singapore launches ViewFinity S9 5K monitor

Stunning visuals



ViewFinity S9

Samsung Singapore has announced the launch of the new ViewFinity S9 5K monitor that is optimized for professionals in the creative and visual industries.

A 2023 CES Innovation Award winner, the ViewFinity S9 provides top-notch visuals and lifelike colors, and versatile connectivity when needed.

Here are the display’s specs in a nutshell:

  • 27-inch screen with 5,120 x 2,880 resolution
  • 99% DCI-P3 coverage
  • 600cd/m2 brightness for any lighting environment
  • Delta E <21 color accuracy
  • TUV-certified Intelligent Eye Care

The ViewFinity S9’s display is 50% larger than most UHD monitors and provides exceptional clarity so professionals can work on ultra high-resolution content with accuracy.

The monitor comes with a smart calibration feature that allows users to make adjustments straight from a smartphone.

Mac and Windows PC users also benefit from the ViewFinity S9’s easy connectivity features. It has an assortment of ports, including Thunderbolt 4 and mini DisplayPort inputs in addition to USB-C.

The device is also equipped with a 4K SlimFit camera so it can be utilized for video-conferencing calls; it connects wirelessly so users won’t have to worry about extra wires or cables.

Pricing, availability, preorders

Preorders for the ViewFinity S9 is now open until August 27 before it retails with general availability the next day starting at SG$ 2,288.

Customers who preorder will get a complimentary portable SSD T7 Shield 4T in black worth SG$ 488.

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Chainsaw Man is the next CASETiFY anime collection

From Pochita to Makima



Chainsaw Man CASETiFY

CASETiFY is proving to be for the anime enjoyers. Following its recent collaboration with renowned mecha animé Neon Genesis Evangelion, the case and accessory maker is now turning its eyes towards a modern hit — Chainsaw Man.

You’ll see traces of horror films that inspired Chainsaw Man in the entire collection. Fans can now join the priority list to be one of the first to get their hands on the many cases and accessories when it officially drops on August 22.

Chainsaw Man features Denji, an impoverished orphan who inherited the debt of his father. He finds work as a Devil hunter. Denki does his hunting with the help of a Devil Dog with a chainsaw on its face named Pochita.

Animated by Studio Mappa (Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Jujutsu Kaisen), this animé doesn’t hold back on blood and gore. Not to mention some really more adult themes. It’s definitely not for kids.

POCHITA is the star

Pochita, the adorable demon chainsaw doggo that series protagonist Denji merges with is the star of the collection. Made of silicon material, the Pochita Collectible Airpods Pro/Pro2 Case will be available in limited quantity.

Even if you don’t have AirPods, you can still try to snag one as it also works as a decorative piece.

Hold Makima… sort of

Chainsaw Man CASETiFY

If, like Denji, you have the hots for Makima, now’s your chance to sort of hold the Public Safety Special Division 4 Chief. She, along with Denji, Power, Aki, and Kobeni are the featured characters in the cases.

The collection includes tech accessories from Airpods cases to MagSafe wallets and lifestyle items such as water bottles. Here’s a quick look.

Chainsaw Man CASETiFY

Download the CASETiFY Co-Lab app to get fresh updates on drops like this Chainsaw Man collection. App users can save their payment information, shipping details and device type. This makes the shopping experience as smooth as possible.

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Hi, these Samsung-exclusive accessories are soooo cute

Pair it with your latest Samsung devices, stat!



Samsung exclusive accessories

ICYMI, Samsung unpacked (pun intended) their latest devices during the Unpacked event. The annual tradition among tech journos, nerds, and Samsung fanboys was held earlier than usual at their home court.

Yes, the South Korean company launched a bunch of devices in Seoul, along with cute and exclusive accessories to pair with.

Pick your foldable phone and dress it up!

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5!

Samsung exclusive accessories

Wrap your wrist with something that’s more you~

Samsung exclusive accessories

Which smartwatch is your GadgetMatch? The Galaxy Watch6 or Watch6 Classic?

Samsung exclusive accessories

Samsung exclusive accessories


Samsung exclusive accessories

Protect your tablet but add some of your flair!

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series!

Samsung exclusive accessories

Samsung exclusive accessories

The hype is real when it comes to Samsung’s latest devices. Watch our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 hands-on and psyche yourself up with the latest foldables!

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