ASUS announces new 2023 Vivobook OLED laptops

5 more Vivobook additions



Vivobook OLED 2023

ASUS has announced five new Vivobook OLED laptops, refreshing its lineup of classic and creator devices under the popular series for the year.

Joining the Vivobook lineup are the following dynamic devices engineered to handle productivity and creativity tasks:

  • Vivobook 15X OLED (K3504, M3504): Starts at PhP 45,995
  • Vivobook Go 15 OLED (E1504): Starts at PhP 29,995
  • Vivobook 13 Slate OLED (T3304): Starts at PhP 49,995
  • Vivobook Pro 15 OLED: Starts at PhP 54,995
  • Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (K6604): Starts at PhP 179,995

All five models come with either up to a 13th Gen Intel Core H series or AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors. Users also get military-grade durability, aside from a slew of useful security and accessibility features.

Built to entertain

The 15X OLED showcases a 15-inch 2.8K HDR ASUS Lumina OLED display. It has up to a 120Hz refresh rate.

This is complemented by ASUS’ SonicMaster audio system optimized by Dirac for an immersive streaming experience on the device.

Stylish and tough on the go

The Vivobook Go, on the other hand, is the brand’s most affordable OLED laptop yet. The practical and portable device has a 180-degree lay-flat hinge for its 15-inch FHD Lumina OLED display, making it a handy yet powerful on-the-go tool.

Starting at just below PhP 30,000, the device already has 8GB of DDR5 RAM, up to 512GB of SSD, and up to a Ryzen R5 processor.

Versatile all-rounder

For various entertainment needs, the Vivobook 13 Slate OLED has a 13.3-inch Dolby Vision supported and Pantone validated touchscreen, along with a quad-speaker Dolby Atmos sound system.

The versatile laptop can be quickly transformed to a tablet or placed in landscape or portrait modes for users to enjoy any content anywhere. It can also be a device of children with the help of the ASUS Pen 2.0.

It comes with a magnetic ErgoSense keyboard, large touchpad, cover stand, and an assortment of ports for additional convenience.

Ultimate creative partner

Lastly, the heavy-duty Pro 16X OLED is the standard for creator laptops. It comes with up to 13th Gen Intel Core i9 series processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics, 32GB DDR5 RAM, and 1TB SSD storage.

The laptop has a 16-inch 3.2K 16:10 120Hz Lumina OLED display with Dolby Vision. It also has Pantone validation, and TÜV Rheinland low blue-light certification. Meanwhile, the ASUS Dialpad to complement creators’ in-task needs.

The high-performing laptop adopts ASUS’ IceCool Pro cooling system. It also features an MUX Switch so it can also be conveniently used for gaming.

Purchasing the powerhouse laptop entitles customers to a free three-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription as well.

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India imposes a ban on imported laptops, tablets, and PCs

Personal orders are still allowed



There’s no doubt that India is a major market for technology. While the country has its own brand preferences outside of the world’s usual, everyone still wants to get a piece of the market. To the dismay of global companies, the country is realizing the potential of its own market. Effective immediately, India has started restricting imports for new laptops, tablets, and PCs.

Recently, India made some headlines in the smartphone industry. A few companies, including Apple, have poured funds into building factories in India. Locally produced devices will allow these companies to attract the Indian market better. With the new regulations out today, it looks like these brands are going to enjoy a head start over others who aren’t in the country yet.

The Indian government introduced a new restriction (via Reuters) against the importation of “laptops, tablets, all-in-one personal computers, and ultra-small form factor computers and servers” made from other countries. Customers, however, will get an exemption. Airline passengers can still bring in these devices in their luggage. Additionally, a single imported device is allowable when bought through e-commerce platforms. Companies can import their products only by applying for a special license.

In a nutshell, bulk orders without a license are out. The government is instead encouraging users to buy locally produced products as part of its “Make in India” program. At the very least, it’s not a total ban on foreign brands. For example, Dell, HP, and Lenovo are exempt from the regulations since they already have production facilities built in the country.

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ROG Strix G16: Straight out of a dream

This is the machine that’ll let you play to your heart’s content!



ROG Strix G 16

Playing video games transports us to a realm where we lose track of time, completely unfazed by an immersive world unfolding before us.

When I’m burnt out from training for my competitive races and living an athlete’s life, I take solace in playing video games. I let my mind, body, and soul recover from the emotional weight that every training brings.

Having the ROG Strix G16 for two months allowed me to live my inner teenager’s dreams — playing on a monster gaming machine in my free time and escaping to a different world when the going gets tough.

When you like a huge package

When the Strix G16 was handed to me, I was completely astounded by its package. The box was insanely heavy and humongous, but let’s cut ASUS some slack. Despite the monstrous size, the box came with everything you’ll need to live off that gamer’s dream.

There’s the laptop bundled with the ROG Impact Gaming Mouse. Then, ASUS included two (2) types of 100W power brick — a 100W compact USB-C charger, and a bulky 330W power adapter that’s best to keep on your gaming station.

It also came with a supersized ROG backpack, enough to house the Strix G16 and a couple of essentials.

Totally a gamer’s machine

Taking it out of the box, you’ll find a machine designed for heavy gaming. The Strix G16 is intricately crafted with gamers in mind, it’ll make you feel like a competitive gamer. At least, that’s how I felt.

The devil’s in the details when you peruse the Strix G 16. From the dot matrix design across the lid to the cross-hatched vents underneath, distinct elements can be seen in every detail. Even with the way lighting is integrated!

The RGB keyboard is also soft, pleasing to look at, and actually responsive — thanks to the exclusive ROG Overstroke technology. There are also dedicated gaming hotkeys for quick access to volume and mic controls, and even Armoury Crate. They’re customizable and you can program to your liking.

ROG Strix G 16

For its touchpad, it comes with a glass coating and is noticeably 10% larger. While it’s already responsive and comfortable to use, the touchpad isn’t as smooth as most flagship Windows laptops. My workaround has been using the gaming mouse for navigating since it syncs well with the display’s 165Hz refresh rate.

Plenty of I/O ports can be seen on both sides of the Strix G16. On its right, you can find two (2) USB-A ports which I use for the gaming mouse and an additional port for whatever I’ll need like when I need to transfer files via an Android smartphone or my ancient external hard drive.

Meanwhile, the left side houses more ports that every kind of gamer can fully utilize. You can find the power input, a LAN RJ-45 jack, an HDMI 2.1 port that supports up to 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz content, and an audio jack.

Moreover, there are two (2) USB-C ports. One supports DisplayPort and Power Delivery, while the other supports Thunderbolt 4 connectivity.

Tough inside and out

The Strix G16 has the capabilities to keep up with you as you dive into another story different from your own.

It’s powered by a 13th-Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX processor and up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPU, a PCIe Gen4x4 1TB SSD storage, and an 8GB DDR5 RAM that can be expanded up to 32GB.

ROG Strix G 16

It’s insanely powerful; you can play AAA titles, stream like a pro, and even create content like a madman. The horsepower it contains is like an unlimited magic potential waiting to burst. Intense multitasking sessions are just a breeze, and it doesn’t heat up easily.

While most gaming laptops have a dual-fan cooling system, the G16 pushed a third fan to keep the GPU and VRAM cool. With seven heat pipes and a Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal inside, the G16 — coupled with the ROG Intelligent cooling and redesigned vents — promises an exceptional experience that’ll keep you playing. And it certainly delivers.

ROG Strix G 16

Furthermore, it has enough battery to let you play even when outside, as I found myself doing so on most days I want to take a break from sitting around in front of my desk. Sometimes, I’d sit in my favorite Starbucks branch and continue One Piece Odyssey.

When it runs out of juice, I have the USB-C charger to quickly plug into the socket so I can keep on playing.

Just play in the dark

There’s not much you can say when it comes to the Strix G 16’s performance. A premium gaming machine like this can handle any beastly titles of your liking.

Sometimes, I even multitask with plenty of background apps opened while having the device connected to my Huawei MateView. It’s smooth, powerful, and everything you’d expect it to be just like any other monster gaming laptop.

But while the performance of the Strix G 16 gives off a solid experience for all kinds of gamers, there’s one thing that I wish ROG could’ve put more into.

ROG Strix G 16

The display is lackluster, especially for a gaming machine that costs a premium. I find myself playing in a dark room or in a dim corner at a cafe to actually see what’s on the screen without squinting my eyes.

The panels cause some glare (yes, even with an anti-glare feature) and even with increasing the brightness to a maximum, it’ll still feel like a challenge to take a look at what’s happening in your gameplay.

ROG Strix G 16

I even squinted my eyes and looked closely at the screen, putting myself in an awkward position in terms of posture. Besides, it’s not a good thing to be too up close to a screen. which happens when you badly want to take a look at what’s happening when navigating parts of a game that has a dark scene.

Bring it anywhere

Nevertheless, the ROG Strix G 16 can be easily brought wherever you go. It easily fits inside a supersized ROG-designed backpack, especially in the dedicated sleeve.

ROG Strix G 16

There’s enough room to carry the charger, mouse, a few accessories, and personal essentials. It even has a slot for my umbrella and HydroFlask. I can stay protected from the elements and be hydrated wherever I go.

Carrying it can be quite a pain on your back if you’re not accustomed to lifting weights. It’s heavy, I promise. It’ll put a strain on your back if you treat it like a schoolboy’s laptop.

The backpack sure can handle its heft, weighing 2.5kg. However, you might need to train your body if you want to lug this around wherever you go. Otherwise, it’s best to keep it at a gaming station so you can play any titles you want.

But for me, both the Strix G16 and the ROG backpack are quite a treat for an athlete wanting to break away from an emotionally taxing life.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

The ROG Strix G16 looks straight out of a dream; it’s what every gamers dream of when it comes to a machine that’ll let them play to their heart’s content.

ROG Strix G 16

Think of it as a fantasy turning out to be a reality. The only thing you’ll find annoying in this machine is how lackluster the display is. Otherwise, it’s a solid laptop that will make you want to play all day long.

It’s certainly a GadgetMatch for those who want to be competitive in the eSports arena. As long as you can handle the compromises. If you don’t think this one’s for you, there’s the ROG Zephyrus M16 that you might want to check out.

The ROG Strix G16 starts at PhP 109,995.

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Dara to star in Acer Day concert set for Aug 6

Featuring Sarah Geronimo



Acer Dara

Acer has announced that its Acer Day celebration 2023 will happen at the Mall of Asia Arena on August 6, headlined by Sarah Geronimo and DonBelle.

In addition, Acer has named Sandara Park, a.k.a. Dara, as one of the brand’s newest ambassadors.

Best known for her stint with Korean girl group 2NE1 before its disbandment, Dara will be present at the concert.

It will be a timely reunion for Dara and her Filipino fans given that she recently released a solo mini album called “Sandara Park” last July 12 which has five songs.

An annual festivity, the Acer Day celebration will be bringing an exciting lineup of activities.

The theme for this year is #AceYourWorld as Acer encourages individuals to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.


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